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Gaining a whole new perspective on well-being

Our world is evolving faster than ever, and with it, what it means to live and be well. That’s why, as part of Mather’s commitment to continued innovation, we’ve adopted an evolved approach to whole-person wellness, one that’s backed by scientific research. It’s called ContinuWell,TM and it’s a guiding philosophy for anyone committed to providing or promoting individualized wellness or wellness services.

Three distinct drivers,
one holistic approach.

Based on Mather Institute’s unique, individualized Person-Centric Wellness Model, the ContinuWellTM framework takes into account how the empowering drivers of autonomy, achievement, and affiliation work hand-in-hand to deliver a full spectrum of fulfillment. Together, these factors give individuals the ability to achieve their desired potential and enjoy full, meaningful lives.

We’ve long known that true wellness transcends a person’s physical health, and that achieving whole-person well-being requires taking into account numerous factors, such as our emotional health, intellectual stimulation, environmental influences, social engagement, and spirituality, just to name a few.

The Person-Centric Wellness Model builds upon this understanding, adding a critical layer of personalization that recognizes an often-overlooked detail: “wellness” looks different to everyone.

Each person’s wellness journey is unique

This important evolution in our approach to wellness considers the many factors that contribute to a person’s quality of life on three levels:

The individual level

Personal interests, values, beliefs, and attitudes

The community level

Social networks and neighborhood resources

The society level

Politics, the economy, and culture

Achieving individual wellness starts with straight As

While each person’s wellness is unique to their life experiences and influences, research has identified three contributing drivers within this model that play a significant role.


We thrive when empowered to make our own choices. Even when we rely on others, being able to make decisions for ourselves is a key driver of personal well-being.


Confidence comes from doing. From learning. From knowing. A powerful way to foster wellness is an accomplishment on our own terms.


One of the most basic human needs is to belong. To feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. Being connected to other people is critical to achieving well-being.