Some programs offer endless ways to explore your passions.

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Looking for ways to connect, have fun, and try new things from the comfort of your home? Check out a wide range of discussions, hands-on art projects, guided wellness classes, and more. One thing these offerings have in common: they provide endless opportunities to explore.

Brain Health

This six-week evidence-based program is designed to help you learn and practice the most promising strategies for keeping your brain healthy as you age. Learn healthy practices that can help you remember things better, be more organized, pay closer attention, and reduce your stress — as well as reduce your risk of dementia.

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Join us to slow down, focus, and calm your mind. Mindfulness can promote relaxation, sharpen focus, and reduce anxiety. We offer sessions on Mindfulness Meditation, with a different guided meditation each time, as well as on Creative Mindfulness, a visual technique that includes hands-on drawing or painting. Follow the link below for details and a selection of upcoming dates.

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Aromatherapy can have medicinal, relaxing, and rejuvenating effects. Choose from a variety of programs discussing essential oils, flowers, and herbs and their medicinal and health benefits. Necessary materials will be sent ahead of time at no charge.

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Digital Literacy

The experts at Candoo Tech present topics from Gmail to YouTube! Join us for a different tech topic each week.

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Discussion Groups

Join us to learn about and discuss topics from forgotten women of history to the surprising stories of famous artists and artworks!

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Virtual Art Making

Whether you have art in your background or not, this four-week series will give you the opportunity to stretch your creative muscles by guiding you step by step through the creation process. We will be sending a small free kit with materials for these projects.

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Chautauqua Institution

Enjoy a complimentary trial of first-class online programs through the Chautauqua Institution—a partner of organizations including the SmithsonianPBS, and National Geographic.

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