On Thursday May 12 th , seven students from Mrs. Updike’s 5 th grade class Skokie School in Winnetka will throw a party for the residents in the memory support unit at the Mather Pavilion, a skilled nursing facility in Evanston . One of the students approached the Mather Pavilion with the idea of throwing the party and together they have raised money to fund the event themselves. Several of the children play instruments and plan to perform for the party guests. There will also be games for the residents. Mike Fehland, the Manager of Activities and Volunteer Resources at the Pavilion was very impressed by the fact that he was approached by one of the students themselves, Annie Roge, and is looking forward to adding more volunteers to the already impressive Mather Pavilion volunteer program (which this month is celebrating having had over 1,100 volunteers over the past 12 years).

What: Party at Mather Pavilion to be thrown by 11-year-old students from Winnetka
Where: Mather Pavilion, 820 Foster Street , Evanston , IL
When:  Thursday, May 12 th , 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Media Opportunities:

  • The story of these young people reaching out to the residents is such a sweet story, and one that the community would benefit from hearing about; good deeds inspire others to act in the community.
  • The performances and games would provide great photo-opportunities of the local kids interacting with the older adults.