Aging Well with Wine and Food: The Perfect Pair

From the Evanston Roundtable, October 24, 2013

Learning new things is a key ingredient of Aging Well. Combine that with a heart-healthy glass of red wine, and learning to pair wine and food is a win-win!

With a few simple pointers on pairing, and tasting different wines to get to understand your palate, you can start successfully pairing the “right” wine with dinner. The result: more enjoyable meals, less stress when hosting parties, and perhaps less money spent on expensive wines that aren’t right for your menu.

Here are those few simple pointers on pairings, direct from a wine expert: “My first advice is to drink what you like, says Joel Ingegno, executive chef at The Mather, an all-inclusive community for adults 62 years and better in Evanston. “It doesn’t matter if it costs $10 a bottle or $100 a bottle–if you enjoy it, get it.”

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