ICAA Names Recipients of 2013 ICAA Rebranding Aging Awards

The International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA), a professional association that leads, connects and defines the active-aging industry, has honored organizations whose marketing campaigns reflect more positive, realistic views of people in later life. Winners of the 2013 ICAA Rebranding Aging Awards were announced November 21 at the association’s annual conference, held in San Diego. Gold, silver and bronze recipients were named in four categories: Websites, Direct Mail, Brochures, and Advertising. Part of ICAA’s Changing the Way We Age® Campaign, the Rebranding Aging Awards showcase efforts that not only help to change perceptions of aging, but also blaze a trail for other marketers that target older-adult consumers.

“This year’s submissions demonstrate the increased understanding of older adults among savvy marketers,” says Colin Milner, founder and CEO of ICAA. “Winning campaigns reflect this understanding. Their communications are crafted more appropriately and feature more authentic portrayals of what it means to be an older person in North America today. By positioning this life stage in a more uplifting way, they promote messages of living well at any age.” Adds Milner, “ICAA is delighted to recognize the 2013 recipients of the Rebranding Aging Awards, and to promote them as examples to follow.”

This year’s award-winners are listed below, along with some highlights from the judges’ comments:

Direct mail
Gold: Mather LifeWays (The Mather)—believable “testimonial”; great positioning; engaging, conversational tone, yet formal enough; clear, no nonsense copy

Silver: Mather LifeWays (Mather’s—More Than a Café)—real people, real life experiences; clarity, brevity; great use of white space and color

Bronze: North Hill/Creating Results—distinctive brand positioning; relevant, robust and varied schedule of events; clear, concise content and strong call to action

Gold: Casa Dorinda—excellent location photography; simple, clear text and call to action; relatively simple execution, while classically elegant

Silver: Atria Senior Living—big story and “wow” factor; well-communicated commitment, with validating credentials; great texture, finish and photography

Bronze: Mather LifeWays (“Keys to Aging Well”)—“research” presented in consumer-centric fashion; real photography and language; builds connections with a soft sell

Gold: Shannondell at Valley Forge (“Living to Inspire”)—stories featuring people who live at Shannondell; warm, appealing; focus on interests and active, social lifestyle, empowerment and purpose

Silver: Mather LifeWays (The Mather)—model has a warm, engaging smile; clean, engaging layout and copy; generating more than 100+ inquiries per month

Bronze: Mather LifeWays (Splendido)—authenticity; simple, clear text; symmetry and color balance; coupons reinforce call to action

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