How to Talk to Your Parents About Senior Living

Has dad’s driving ability diminished? Did mom forget her favorite pie recipe? Is the house becoming too difficult for them to manage?

If your parents are getting to the point where you believe it’s time to consider a new living situation, then have that important conversation. There’s no better time than during the holidays.

We asked aging experts from some of the North Shore’s leading senior living organizations to give us some pointers. Here’s what they had to say:

Gale Morgan, Vice President of Sales, Mather LifeWays: “The holidays are a time of nostalgia, and talking with parents about holidays past may be a natural entrée into a conversation about things they may be having trouble with now—decorating, shopping, preparing a big meal, or even feelings of loneliness. Having these important conversations in person, with siblings and other key family members present, could be the opening for discussing a lifestyle change for parents that would bring back joy, ease, and the ability to socialize and look forward to what the future may hold.” 


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