Baby Boomers Increase Standard, Cost for Senior Housing

The business of housing Baby Boomers and beyond is becoming profitable as seniors seek all the amenities without the hassle of owning a home.

And, today’s amenities don’t just mean a furnished apartment with housekeeping and landscaping. Today, amenities are about a standard. A standard Baby Boomers set, a standard Baby Boomers require.

The standard is high and involves everything from fine dining, active living, gardening, social groups and facilities such as a swimming pool without the worry of maintenance, to beauty salons, spas and more.


Baby Boomers dictate

Dr. George Hammond, director of the University of Arizona Economic and Business Research Center, said while a primary focus has been studying how Baby Boomers continue to impact the workforce, he’s not surprised they are starting to dictate the direction of senior housing.

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