Older Adults Can #AgeWell Using Social Media Tips

Evanston, IL (January 11, 2017) – Mather LifeWays, a thought leader in providing solutions and residences for older adults, announces a recent initiative sharing research-based tips that can help people Age Well. The tips are shared on Facebook and Twitter every day Monday through Friday and identified with the hashtag #AgeWell. They cover a gamut of topics from ways to boost your brain health to steps for increasing your long-term happiness to hints for relieving stress. The information is designed for individuals and organizations to share and distribute.

People interested in improving their health—including brain health and mood—can follow the simple tips to form healthy new habits. An example: “Stuck in a mental rut? Build more vital connections between brain cells by learning something new. Try studying a foreign language to stimulate the brain in new and exciting ways.”

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