Mather Pavilion Hosts Resident-Student Swing Dance Event as Part of Northwestern’s Dance Marathon 2006

Evanston, IL- February 7, 2006, Mather Pavilion, a skilled nursing community in Evanston, will host an Intergenerational Swing Dancing event for its residents and Northwestern University students as part of Dance Marathon 2006. The Swing Dancing will be held on Saturday, February 11th from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Mather Pavilion, 820 Foster Street. Northwestern’s Dance Marathon Fundraiser is one of the world’s largest student-run philanthropies.

Mather Pavilion has a unique, 13-year relationship with Northwestern students and the University has been a vital source of volunteers (currently, over 40 students volunteer on a weekly basis). 

Over the last 13 years, hundreds of relationships have been formed and many students have discovered that volunteering is a life-changing experience and extremely rewarding.  For example, Virginia Crabtree, a student and flutist, raves about the connections she made with the residents, but her most memorable experience was with a resident who was difficult to connect with and reach.  After discovering his love for flute music, she was finally able to inspire and reach him by holding a private concert for him.  She ended up playing for 45 minutes before he would agree to let her stop.  Virginia says, “It made all the difference to be able to find the one thing that really made him happy.”  

Currently, several Northwestern students are participating in a new computer program at the Pavilion that helps train residents to use the community’s computer.  In turn, these residents will train other residents to use the computers. By helping others help themselves, the residents will experience personal growth and fulfill their need to engage vocationally.  

The primary beneficiary of this year’s Dance Marathon is the Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative; the secondary beneficiary is the Evanston Community Foundation.


What: Intergenerational Swing Dancing with Northwestern’s Dance Marathon
Where: Mather Pavilion at 820 Foster Street, Evanston
When:  Saturday, February 11th 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Information: 847-492-7700
In Partnership with: Mather Pavilion and Northwestern University’s 32nd Annual  
Dance Marathon


Media/Photo Opportunities:

  • Swing dancing has been making a comeback over the past few years, and although the students will demonstrate some dance techniques to the residents, an exchange of dancing expertise is sure to occur between the two generations of swing dancers.  A DJ will be present to provide swinging hits from the WW II era.


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