Mather’s—More Than A Café Customers Form Community Chorus

Local Musicians Celebrate One Year of Music Together

Chicago, IL – July 7, 2005, – Just one year ago, Mather’s—More Than a Café began offering choral sessions at the Chatham location as part of its vibrant programming and services. Over the course of this year, the program has evolved into a Chorus that boasts 25 members and has traveled across the South Side of Chicago. The Chorus’ performances include the Mather LifeWays Board of Directors meeting, the September 9/11 Event, The Christmas Party, Black History Month and Broadway on 83 rd Street . Accomplished musician and piano teacher Julia Whitfield has served as Volunteer Music Director, and the chorus gathers weekly to rehearse at the Mather’s in Chatham . To celebrate its first year, next week Mather’s will hold a First Anniversary Celebration on Monday, July 11 th from 4:00-7:00 p.m. where the Chorus will be performing a medley of their most popular songs.

Patricia Wilson, the Choral Librarian, has been with the Chorus since its inception, and says that with each Chorus performance she can see the commitment to the music rise. The group takes its music seriously, but as Patricia says, “Our main purpose is to have fun, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Mather’s—More Than a Café is a trendy, modern and unique place for older adults living at home to convene, socialize and stay connected to the community. With five locations in the Chicago area that offer over 300 classes a month, social and fitness programs, dining, and cultural seminars available to the community, Mather’s—More Than a Cafe not only connects older adults with similar interests, they often reunite friendships and spark new relationships.

What: Anniversary Chorus Performance to Celebrate One Year of Music
Where: Mather’s—More Than a Café, Chatham, 33 E. 83 rd Street , Chicago , IL
When: Monday, July 11 th , 4:00-7:00 p.m.
For more information call: 773-488-2801
Cost: $15, with Mather Advantage Discount: $12

Photo Opportunities:

  • The 55+ Chorus will be performing a medley of their most popular songs, from traditional hymns to Broadway favorites.
  • Capture a vibrant local older adult community celebration.