Search Continues For Older Adult Songwriters In Aging Well Rocks! Competition

Evanston, Ill. (August 21, 2007) – As the November 6 deadline approaches, entries for the Mather LifeWays Aging Well Rocks! Song Competition continue to arrive from all over the world.  Entries received from England and Ireland, as well as the United States, may foretell the start of a new “British Invasion” of budding songwriters and performers.  But, in this case, the rockers are all people over age 55 because the contest is designed to celebrate the musical talent of older adults.  

Mather LifeWays, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating “Ways to Age Well,”  created the Aging Well Rocks! Song Competition to give the millions of older adults the chance to express themselves through music, a contest designed to celebrate the musical talent of people over age 55. 

Mather LifeWays is searching for older adults who can set to music what getting older means to them.  The winner will receive national exposure through publicity efforts and will have his/her song declared the official theme song for the organization’s Web site,  Mather LifeWays hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a compilation CD if there is a significant response to the call for entries. 

“There are many contests out there that strive to find the best and brightest musicians, and Mather LifeWays celebrates every individual’s talent and ability, regardless of age,” said Mary Leary, president and CEO of Mather LifeWays.  “This is a chance for us to uncover some great music and to hear why older people think getting older is so great!”

 Mather LifeWays originally created the competition to find a theme song for its Web site.  But after hearing about online petitions created by older musicians asking shows like “American Idol” to do away with age limits, the organization felt that it needed to create a worldwide  competition that would encourage older adults to use their creativity and challenge them to prove that experience almost always makes a better musician. 

“Getting older is not synonymous with giving up on your dreams,” said Reed Engel, director of wellness strategies at Mather LifeWays.  “In fact, older Americans who remain engaged with their hobbies and passions tend to be happier and sometimes healthier than their counterparts who don’t dedicate time to their most loved activities.”

To participate in the competition, entrants must submit a CD, DVD, cassette tape, or mp3 with an original song.  All songs must be related to the concept of “Aging Well,” defined as any theme that demonstrates that aging and getting older can be a joyful and positive experience.  Entries will be accepted until November 6, 2007, and a winner will be announced by the end of the year.  Full details and official rules and regulations can be found at 

Entries should be sent to:

Aging Well Rocks! Song Competition
Attn:  David Kelch
1603 Orrington Ave., Suite 1800
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Information:  (847)-492-8494

 About Mather LifeWays

Based in Evanston, Illinois, Mather LifeWays enhances the lives of older adults by creating Ways to Age Well.SM Founded in 1941 by entrepreneur and humanitarian Alonzo Mather, Mather LifeWays is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a continuum of living and care; making neighborhoods better places for older adults to live, work, learn, contribute, and play; and identifying, implementing, and sharing best practices for wellness, workforce issues, memory care support, and empowering caregivers. To learn more about our senior living residences, community initiatives, and Institute on Aging, please call (847) 492-7500 or find your Way to

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