Member Spotlight: Thad Parton

Thad Parton, Director of Culinary Operations at Mather, has been with the organization about a year and a half. “This is my first time in senior living,” he said. “Mather is a unique organization that is mighty through all its areas of service, and it’s been awesome so far! This is probably the best quality of life I’ve had after 30 years in the culinary business.”

He continued, “As I work with college contacts in recruitment, I encourage culinary students to do internships in our kitchens. Typically when you graduate from culinary school, you don’t think of senior living as being your first job. But if you think about the challenges of having a family and life when coming from the restaurant and hospitality industry, it makes what senior living offers more attractive. Plus, the relationships you build with team members and the residents is remarkable!

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