Mather LifeWays Submits Zoning Plan To City of Evanston

Mather LifeWays Announces Next Phase for Proposed New Community

Evanston, Ill. – January 10, 2005 – Mather LifeWays today announced it has submitted its zoning plan to the City of Evanston for its proposed new community at Davis and Hinman Streets (current site of The Georgian and Mather Gardens), beginning the next step forward in the process of approval. The zoning allowances sought are in line with others that have been granted in the neighborhood and are necessary in order to make the project financially viable.

Mather LifeWays seeks to add only one story to what currently exists at The Georgian and two additional stories at Mather Gardens, making the new buildings shorter in height than what exists directly across the street from The Georgian and thus in line with the neighborhood. In addition, the building that would replace The Georgian will have a smaller footprint than the current structure, and, while the footprint at Mather Gardens would be larger than what currently exists, over ½ of the site (59%) will be retained as open, landscaped space.

These allowances have been validated as necessary by both architects and other senior living communities and would alleviate Mather LifeWays from its current financial burden. Over the past 12 years Mather LifeWays has invested nearly $25 million to adapt and improve both buildings, yet they have still become obsolete. As a result, The Georgian operates at a loss of $1 million a year while Mather Gardens has a $1.5 million deficit annually.

Mather LifeWays, a 53-year-old Evanston-based not-for-profit, is not seeking these allowances to improve its bottom line, but instead to be able to reinvest in its mission and continue to help older adults age well in diverse ways, including affordable housing, wellness, caregiving, Alzheimer’s research and community connections and outreach. Creating a vibrant and viable community for older adults in the current location both allows long-time Evanston residents to option to age in place while bringing Evanston the value of


About Mather LifeWays

Mather LifeWays is a 50+-year-old, not-for-profit organization committed to helping older adults age well. Mather LifeWays demonstrates its commitment to promoting the vitality and well-being of older adults by providing a variety of experiences and services to meet this diverse group’s lifestyle preferences. These offerings include senior living communities, Institute on Aging, and community programs. Mather LifeWays’ senior living communities offer choices and flexibility, from independent living to assisted living and skilled care. The Institute on Aging plays a leading role in enhancing the lives of older adults in today’s society through numerous collaborative and applied research and education projects. Mather LifeWays’ Community Initiatives programs, including the successful Mather’s – More Than a Café concept, enable Mather LifeWays to act as a point of contact for older adults who seek access to community resources. These accomplishments, and more, make Mather LifeWays unique in its goal to advance the possibilities for a lifetime of active living. The organization is based in Evanston , Ill. More information is available at .