[WHAT WORKS] Strategies to keep Boomers working in senior living

Senior living organizations that want to retain older workers should consider providing wellness programming for employees and fostering a workplace perceived as supportive and inclusive for workers of ages, emphasizing intergenerational connections. Otherwise, Boomer employees may leave the organization for retirement or other career opportunities, or show their dissatisfaction.

Those are two major conclusions of a recently conducted survey by the Mather Institute, entitled “Baby Boomers at Work, Wellness, and Retirement Considerations of Baby Boomers Employed in Senior Living.” Based on a survey of 232 senior living employees ages 50+, the report provides insights on the challenges Boomer employees may face as they continue working; why older employees may not participate in wellness programs, despite their strong interest in this type of programming; and how perceptions of one’s workplace as “age-friendly” affect work outcomes.

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