The Mather Hosts Creative Aging Fest in Fountain Square

As Active Aging Week 2021 drew to a close, The Mather, together with Studio 3 and Kids Create Change, hosted a Creative Aging Fest on October 10th in Fountain Square, downtown Evanston. The public was invited, and pedestrians were encouraged to join as nearly 100 participants, ages 2 to 94, braved the elements to come safely celebrate Creative Aging with intergenerational projects that inspired and encouraged Evanstonians of all ages to get creative.

Activities included an Urban Sketching workshop with artist Shruti Vijay, an Interactive Performance with Perceptual Motion Dance Company, and a Doodle Downtown Evanston Sketching Station. Participants were also invited to participate in the 1,000 Butterflies Project, and to contribute to a collaborative mixed-media community art project.

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